Icons for Ruter

Ruter had a database with hundreds of icons that they have collected over the years. The origin of the different icons come from many different places, and they don't have a consist visual language or familiarity to them as a collection. We got the job to unite and optimize Ruter's icon library.

We optimized the icons for small surfaces and we created similarities in the icons where it was allowed. We also developed guidelines for how future icons should be made and how to make them pixel perfect.

The icons will be rolled out slowly but surely, and they have already been implemented in their annual report and at their Ruter S location at Jernbanetorget in Oslo.

Agency: Design Container

Client: Ruter

Team: Kaia Gulsvik (Project owner)
Christian Rene (Design)
Me (Design)

245 different icons were made, and in total 1.700 icon files were delivered.