Economy and career choices

"Økonomi og karrierevalg" is an educational program for 9th and 10th grade in upper secondary school in Norway. The program gives students insight and the opportunity to self-reflect about economy, career and how they relate to each other. The program in the classroom can last from a couple of hours to multiple days, depending on the lecturer. The goal of the program is to inform the students about their possibilities within education and career choices.

To engage the students, we developed a combination of analog and digital tools used in teaching. We developed a web app that gives students access to a variety of tasks about career, budgeting, savings and insurance. The app is divided into sessions that the teachers can activate for the students along the way, and after each session the tasks are discussed in the classroom. In addition to the app for students, I also made the presentations, introductory booklet for lecturers and posters that are used for some of the assignments.

Agency: Design Container

Client: Ungt Entreprenørskap

Team: Kaia Gulsvik (Project owner)
Elise Bjerknes (Design)
Alicia Harris (Development)
Imrul Hasan (Development)
Øystein Ramseng (Educational content)