Championships for young entrepreneurs

Ungt entreprenørskap (UE) holds a large number of championships for pupils and students across Norway. These championships range from school fairs to Norwegian championships. The problem that arose was that all the events in the different regions and counties could have very different names and expressions. This quickly became confusing and difficult to have an overview of what is what.

I worked on looking at all the championships and school levels and created a name hierarchy that UE will use to get all the fairs and championships in one system. The solution was to create a flexible logo package with a system of which level and championship it is about. —And also which county it takes place in!

I also created the expression for the championships which is also set in a system with colors that indicate the level of the championship. The identity lives in the UE's universe, but the elements have been used in a new way. I developed various materials such as name tags, posters, diplomas, prize checks, material for social media, and the actual presentation of the award ceremonies. In addition to this, I created a guide for the logos and materials to be used by those who hold championships at all levels in all counties and regions.